My Guardian Angel

My Guardian Angel

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My Guardian Angel teaches young children about Guardian Angels and the part they play in our daily lives. Beautifully illustrated in full color, this book is an inspiring gift for children of First Communion age or younger.

Specific topics covered in this title include:

  • God Made the Angels
  • Jesus Spoke of the Angels
  • Everyone Has a Guardian Angel
  • In the Morning I Ask My Angel for Help
  • My Angel Watches over Me
  • My Guardian Angel Teaches Me to Love God's Beautiful World
  • My Angel Helps Me to Love My Family
  • My Angel Helps Me to Be Kind to My Friends
  • My Angel Teaches Me to Share
  • My Angel Reminds Me to Think about God
  • My Angel Helps Me to Pray
  • My Angel Helps Me to Obey My Parents
  • My Angel Helps Me to Please Jesus
  • Angel Watches over Me while I Sleep
  • I Love My Guardian Angel
  • Prayer to My Guardian Angel

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