Caring for a Loved One with Mary:  A Seven Sorrows Prayer Companion

Caring for a Loved One with Mary: A Seven Sorrows Prayer Companion

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Completely occupied by the constant care necessary for her son's medically complex situation, Theresa Kiser struggled to reconcile with the physical, emotional, social, and mental tolls it took on her family. But when she stumbled upon the devotion of the Seven Sorrows of Mary, she was surprised - and deeply relieved - to discover that Our Lady walked this caregiving road before her. The Seven Sorrows devotion nourished her soul with comfort, companionship, and grace at a time when she needed it most.

In Caring for a Loved One with Mary, you'll walk step-by-step through the Seven Sorrows of Mary, an ancient yet lesser-known Marian devotion. Theresa's story and the experiences of other Catholic caregivers demonstrate that times of suffering and limitation do not indicate a departure from God's plan. Rather, they are how he brings us to his joy, as he did for Our Lady.

Mary shows us that when life doesn't go as planned, we are not alone. Moreover, our sorrows when caring for a loved one may be the very means by which we are to follow Christ, just as they were for the Blessed Mother. We know that Mary's sorrows were not final. For her, everything turned to joy. In God's timing and in God's way, our sorrows will, too.

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