Building a Civilization of Love:  A Catholic Response to Racism

Building a Civilization of Love: A Catholic Response to Racism

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A worldly, political response to racism is not enough. This book is a Catholic Christian response to the epidemic of racism, firmly rooted in the Scriptures, the natural law, the Church’s Tradition, and our identity as children of God.

But what is racism? Is it just "prejudice"? Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers carefully distinguishes the sin of racism from the kind of instinctive bias that marks all fallen mankind, in order to help us find a path to deeper unity.

Building a Civilization of Love takes an honest look at Critical Race Theory, Liberation Theology, and the Black Lives Matter Movement, weighing their merits. Burke-Sivers asks in each case whether there might be anything contained in them that Catholics can use to facilitate the healing and reconciliation of racial division.

A truly Catholic response to racism must begin locally, in our own parishes, towns, and homes, in the here and now. Ameliorating racism will require hard work, humility, vulnerability, sacrifice, and love. But by admitting our own weaknesses and opening ourselves to God's mercy, we can bring Christ's healing grace to our world.

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