At the Bedside of the Sick and Dying Booklet

At the Bedside of the Sick and Dying Booklet

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A tremendous way of serving Christ’
A Guide for Parish Ministry, Family, and Friends
Brian Thatcher, MD and Kathleen M. Wabick

  • The heart of the Gospel of Jesus Christ is the message of God’s merciful love. As Christians we are called to bring this message to everyone. For parish communitites, to offer such a hope-filled message to the sick and dying is a tremendous way of serving Christ in our neighbor and carrying out a great work of mercy. This little book reveals a simple, easy-to-follow, and much needed method for bringing the mercy of God to those who are often overlooked. I am certain that those who carry out this work of mercy will be listed as apostles of mercy in the registry of heaven!
    • ~Fr. Donald Calloway, MIC Author of No Turning Back: A Witness to Mercy

Table of Contents

Disciples of Divine Mercy in the Holy Face of Jesus
Eucharistic Apostles of The Divine Mercy
Chapter 1: History and Background
Chapter 2: Why We Pray With and For the Sick and Dying
Chapter 3: Practical Aspects of Living the Message of Mercy
Chapter 4: Practical Pointers on Starting the Parish Ministry
Chapter 5: Pastoral Care Issues and the Needs of the Dying
Chapter 6: Recommended Reading
Appendix A: A Plenary Indulgence at the Hour of Death
Appendix B: Further Prayers

  • Brian Thatcher MD, is founder and director of Eucharistic Apostles of Divine Mercy (EADM), an apostolate of the Marian Fathers. He travels the world speaking on the message of mercy and the gift of the Eucharist. The ministry is active in 35 countries worldwide.
  • Kathleen M. Wabick is the founder of the Disciples of Divine Mercy in the Holy Face of Jesus, a ministry that prays at the bedside of the sick and dying. She is also an author of a book titled Open My Eyes.

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