Are You Saved? The Catholic Understanding of Salvation

Are You Saved? The Catholic Understanding of Salvation

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“Are you saved?” is a common Christian question, but how do Catholics respond? 

Salvation is not just an event—it’s also a process of transformation into being like Christ. 

Are You Saved?, a booklet in The Curious Catholic series, was created to help draw busy Catholics closer to God by outlining the theology of salvation in everyday language.

In this Curious Catholic booklet, Fr. Mike Schmitz presents a clear explanation of salvation while encouraging Catholics to take these truths to heart and apply them to their lives.

In five short chapters,  Are You Saved? The Catholic Understanding of Salvation will introduce the reader to:

  • How someone is saved

  • What a person is saved from

  • Whether salvation is an event, a process, or both

  • How the sacraments fit into salvation

  • What salvation means for Catholics and how that should be reflected in the way they live

Complete with questions for personal reflection or group discussion and real-life challenges after each chapter, this booklet is perfect for individual devotion or group study.

Pages: 59

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