A Blue Collar Answer to Protestantism

A Blue Collar Answer to Protestantism

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Popular author and TV and radio host John Martignoni has written a book that highlights the flaws in Protestant teaching — using something that is in rather short supply in today’s culture: common sense. He throws in a little simple logic too. He uses the Bible as the background for his plain yet provocative analysis of numerous underlying problems with Protestantism as a whole and then focuses on specific Bible passages to ask a number of tough questions regarding individual Protestant doctrines and dogmas.

Catholics can use this book not only to respond effectively to questions from family members, friends, co-workers, neighbors, and even strangers about why they believe what they believe but also to ask questions of their own — questions that will leave the Protestants in their lives struggling to come up with logically and scripturally consistent answers and will, hopefully, led them to some serious introspection.

With simple, clear-cut explanations, Martignoni lays out the reasons why Protestantism, as a whole and in its individual parts, is illogical and lacking in both common sense and biblical sense. In page after page, you will find concise, candid, power-packed arguments from Scripture, history, and just plain rational thinking, along with thirty questions to ask Protestants about what they believe and why. This treasure trove of apologetics will teach you about:

  • The two pillars of Protestantism and why they cannot stand
  • What happens when everyone has authority to bind and loose (personal interpretation)
  • How Protestants view sin and infallibility (brace yourself!)
  • The rebellion against the ministerial priesthood and the rejection of doctrinal consistency
  • How forensic justification makes God a liar (saved by faith alone?)

Additionally, you will learn four reasons why the Catholic Church is indisputably the Church that Jesus founded, which beliefs are essential to authentic Christianity, and how to prove that Jesus is really present in the Holy Eucharist. 

You will also discover insights into relevant and fascinating questions on faith and works, what the “Catechism of the Protestant Church” teaches, what is required to attain salvation, who wrote the Bible and decided which books to include, when the Church was founded, and much more.

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