Peaceful Hearts, Zealous Hearts

Peaceful Hearts, Zealous Hearts

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Peaceful Hearts, Zealous Hearts:  How the Sacred Heart and Divine Mercy Devotions' Complementary Messages Make Us New

If you have a devotion to the Sacred Heart or to Divine Mercy or are hoping to develop one, this book is for you. It will help prepare you to enter into a conversation with God in which you feel comfortable speaking openly with Him heart-to-heart — cor ad cor loquitor. As you drink deep of this book’s lessons and learn to share with Jesus your innermost thoughts and feelings, you will discover a remarkable thing — that the consolation goes both ways. 

Although the devotions to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Divine Mercy are often seen as separate, Deacon Gerard-Marie Anthony masterfully explains how they are actually complementary tools that aid in igniting your spiritual life and restoring our world. Through Scripture, you will perceive their powerful origins, which were in the mind and heart of God from the beginning. Moreover, you will learn about the powerful significance of the Sacred Heart and Divine Mercy messages in combatting three major heresies, and their practical applications today. 

Deacon Anthony unveils how the two devotions enable us to console God’s heart and the hearts of others and open us to receive consolation ourselves. In these fascinating pages, you will also find:

  • Ways to know if you’re too “busy” to be blessed
  • What Scripture really means when it says that God rested (You will be surprised!)
  • Five requests that the Sacred Heart of Jesus made to St. Margaret Mary
  • Four characteristics of covenantal love (Can you guess?)
  • The five aspects of the Divine Mercy devotion 
  • How devotions to the Sacred Heart and Divine Mercy meet in hesed love

Additionally, you will discover new and exciting parallels and intersections between the Divine Mercy and Sacred Heart devotions and will learn three active ways to live them out in your life and share them with others. You will also learn how to overcome acedia (spiritual sloth) through these devotions, which encourage prayer and action rooted in God. 

Ultimately, you will see how God takes the initiative to draw close to you with His merciful love and invites you to enter into an intimate relationship with His Sacred Heart. Above all, you will come to understand how the Sacred Heart and Divine Mercy devotions bring peace, inspiration, and consolation to the world.

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