What Do You Seek?  Encountering the Heart of the Gospel

What Do You Seek? Encountering the Heart of the Gospel

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The Good News of Jesus Christ is known as the kerygma, based on the Greek word kerysso, meaning "to herald" or "to proclaim". It is the core message of Christ that each of the Apostles, the original heralds of the Gospel, proclaimed to the world. It is Christ's answer to his own penetrating question, "What do you seek?"

This is why the Catholic Church emphasizes the importance of what it calls the "First  Proclamation": the core Gospel of God's love and the person and mission of Jesus Christ, which ideally we surrender ourselves to, so that a more in-depth, systematic presentation of the Faith can take deeper root in our soul. 

Unfortunately, many Catholics today might know facts about Jesus and the Gospel, but they do not know him and this story of his love in a way that shapes their entire lives. How about you? In What Do You Seek?, Scripture scholar Dr. Edward Sri helps us enter more deeply into the Gospel, to ponder the mysteries of God's love for us  and his work of salvation, so that we can be transformed, and join in Christ's work of saving the world.

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