Well-Ordered Family

Well-Ordered Family

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Do you yearn for more order and clarity within your family? Is the chaos and busyness
of modern life unsettling the harmony of your household? Conor Gallagher, CEO of
multiple businesses and father of fifteen, unveils a transformative system in Well-
Ordered Family that will restore peace and joy in your household.

In his proprietary system, Conor has applied best business practices to the challenges
of family life. The Well-Ordered Family Management System™ is broken down into six
◆ Vision: Establish a clear path forward for your family, crafting a vision statement and
defining your long-term goals.
◆ Unity: Institute a cadence of family meetings to help the family stay aligned around a
shared vision.
◆ Systems: Implement effective macro and micro systems, creating environments and
routines that foster efficiency and harmony.
◆ Metrics: Track and manage vital aspects of family life with simple, non-intrusive
metrics that drive positive change.
◆ Relationships: Understand and leverage individual temperaments for stronger,
healthier connections.
◆ Discernment: Use decision-making and problem-solving tools to guide your family
through the daily challenges of life.
Packed with more than twenty-five practical tools, including worksheets and sample
processes, Well-Ordered Family is a compass for families to reclaim order and clarity.
Discover how business principles can revolutionize family life.

Join Conor Gallagher on this transformative journey to create a well-ordered
family—because the grace you seek starts with the order you build.

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