Up All Night

Up All Night

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Up All Night:  A Catholic Child's Book About Fear

Andrew lies awake at night, worried about his first day of school. Moving to a new house in a new town at the beginning of summer was one thing. Starting at a new school is different. Instead of going to school in the morning, he just wants to hide in his bed with the covers over his head.

In Andrew Is Up All Night, children will learn how to handle the tricky emotion of fear with the help of their Catholic Faith!

Find more to help your children or students identify and manage the emotions they are feeling in the companion books Alex Blows His Top and Jane's Dismal Day. Written by a Catholic school counselor, this series from OSV Kids provides a Catholic approach to emotions that integrates practical responses with spiritual guidance for handling emotions with the Lord's help.

By the end of each book in this series, children will learn what that particular emotion looks and feels like, and that the emotion itself is normal. Bible stories, wisdom from saints, and prayer are also included so that children can understand that even great heroes of the Bible and saints through the ages have felt the same way.

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