The Logic That God Exists

The Logic That God Exists

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    “When people stop believing in God, the problem is not that they will believe in nothing, the problem is that they will believe in anything.” — C. S. Lewis

    Business luminary Bob Trussell uses plain language and simple logic to merge scientific theory with philosophy, religion, and the Bible to make an air-tight case for belief in God and all that that can mean for your current life and the life to come. He contends that while most Americans possess some level of belief in God along the scale of zero to one hundred, those with greater belief live happier and more hopeful and peaceful lives on this earth.

    The Logic That God Exists leads you step-by-step through a train of reason that shows not only that God might exist but that He must exist. The book explains in scientific terms how everything cannot come from nothing, how paintings must have painters, computer code must have programmers, and how therefore creation must have a Creator.

    In these fascinating pages, you will also discover:

    •    How the laws of nature prove God’s existence 
    •    Why your DNA points to a Creator 
    •    Three barriers against belief and how to overcome them 
    •    Evidence of miracles in the Bible — and today

    Trussell masterfully condenses the logical proofs into understandable lists and summarizes how these truths relate to our modern experience. Also contained is a beginner’s guide to applying the Christian faith to your daily life. Above all, you will discover why you are here and how to attain the true fulfillment of all your desires — now and in eternity.  

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