Stories of the Eucharist

Stories of the Eucharist

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Stories of the Eucharist:  A Family Treasury of Saints and Seekers

Throughout the Church's history, holy men and women have found that one of the best and most reliable ways to get close to Jesus is through the Eucharist. By reading and sharing their stories in our families, we can imitate Jesus in a very important way, extending his mercy again and again, that the Kingdom of God might shine a little more brightly in the world.

Stories of the Eucharist invites families to celebrate the transforming power of the Eucharist in our lives by exploring eucharistic miracles and saints who had deep devotion to the Real Presence of Jesus. This book celebrates in word and illustration forty people and events that reveal how Christ has bestowed graces and even miracles on his people through the Eucharist.

As you read these stories from the span of Christian tradition with your family, you will experience in a new way the power of the Eucharist and teach your children to open their hearts to the greatest mystery of our Faith.

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