Prayer:  Oxygen for the Soul

Prayer: Oxygen for the Soul

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Every era of spiritual renewal begins with a renewal of prayer.

Where do we find the answers to the challenges of our time? Fr. Jacques Philippe asserts that the answers – which can renew the Church and save the world – can be found in the “living contact with the mystery of God in prayer.”

Drawing on quotes from the saints, scripture, and the Catechism, the authors “communicate the thirst for an encounter with God in prayer” and “provide the means to persevere faithfully in the practice of meditation.”

In this short book packed with spiritual wisdom, you’ll gain practical knowledge to help awaken your desire for personal prayer and truly encounter our living God, including:

  • Why we should pray – even when it’s full of poverty, pitfalls, and dark nights
  • Awakening your thirst for God’s love – and recognizing his thirst for yours
  • Overcoming obstacles to receiving God’s grace
  • The high-stakes role of prayer in spiritual combat
  • Strategies for salvaging a “failed” prayer session

Written to encourage and nourish the life of prayer, this book has been adapted to apply to anyone interested in fostering a deeper relationship with God.

FR. JACQUES PHILIPPE and SR. ANNE OF JESUS collaborated with other members of The Community of the Beatitudes to create this book. The Community of the Beatitudes is a Catholic community, found in twenty-six countries, which consists of what they call “one spiritual family of sisters, brothers, priests, and lay people, married or single, who share a fraternal life, a life of prayer, and mission.” Their goal is to live a life of holiness through the Beatitudes given to us by Christ in his Sermon on the Mount in the Gospel of Matthew.

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