St. John and the Apocalypse

St. John and the Apocalypse

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One of the world’s most intriguing and consequential mysteries is the hidden meaning of Holy Scripture’s book of Revelation, also known as the Apocalypse. For centuries, the Christian faithful have tried — with decidedly questionable results — to decode its secrets and understand the epic battle it foretells. 

In this exceptionally authoritative and insightful book, Fr. C. C. Martindale elucidates the historical and theological interpretations of the Apocalypse from Roman times to the present, and he reflects upon the dire warnings it presents about pagan culture, blasphemous societies, and the lukewarm and apathetic believers that populate them. He synthesizes and outlines the structure of Revelation while reflecting upon its literary value, influences, and essence as the inspired word of God.

You’ll learn about events that were foretold and have taken place, as well as prophecies that await fulfillment. You’ll recognize how the mystical experiences of St. John lead us to a deeper understanding and appreciation of Holy Mass and adoration of the Real Presence of Jesus in the Eucharist. Amid rebukes for immorality, the Apocalypse also contains a stunning invitation: remain faithful, and your name will be written in the Book of Life; you will partake in the wedding feast of the Lamb.

Fr. Martindale unpacks for you the importance of the number seven throughout the Apocalypse and the significance of the seven seals, cities, mysteries, angels, lampstands, plagues, and trumpets. You’ll also come to understand the true meaning of 666, the reign of “a thousand years,” and the battle between the Woman and the Dragon more deeply. 

Finally, you’ll recognize how St. John’s prophecies in the Apocalypse relate to and transcend Old Testament prophecies. Fr. Martindale will guide you in cross-referencing parallel passages and pondering the magnitude of their meaning. You will also discover:

  • To whom the Apocalypse is addressed and the context in which it was written
  • The anticipated time frames of the persecutions and chastisements foretold
  • What the symbols in the Apocalypse reveal about both the temporal and eternal orders
  • The nuances in prophecy and how the personality of St. John illuminates the Apocalypse
  • The evils of materialism and other idolatrous dangers
  • The final confrontation between the Church and the Antichrist


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