Overcoming Worldly Concerns

Overcoming Worldly Concerns

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    No matter how pure or virtuous your intentions may be, you can easily get so caught up in temporal pursuits — “the things of this world” — that you forget about God and His intimate, sustained involvement in your life. But with help from this book, you can turn that around by making an examination of your life that will orient you on the fertile path to Jesus Christ.

    It’s not enough simply to call yourself a Christian or attend Sunday Mass: you need to decide to live for God rather than for yourself. To help you do so, Archbishop Alban Goodier explains how giving yourself to God will ennoble you and bring you great rewards. He details the many ways in which you will gain happiness by rising above the concerns of this world, even amid the cares and duties of your daily life! He shows how the very fact of God’s existence — to say nothing of achieving spiritual closeness with Him — gives meaning and dignity to your life in a way that worldly possessions or success never can.

    Uncompromising, incisive, and comprehensive, Overcoming Worldly Concerns is a much-needed wake-up call for every “comfortable Christian.”

    Abandon yourself fully to God and learn:

      • the little-known fact that will inspire you to resist sin with all your strength

      • the ways in which you’ve been throwing away God’s grace 

      • the secret of the saints that makes them such a powerful help for you today — if only you ask for that help

      • how you can be certain of God’s love for you at any given moment

      • how you can arm yourself for the spiritual warfare that is sure to beset your soul

      • the many forms and levels of prayer (and why just knowing them is not enough)

      • The most common hindrances to prayer — and how to overcome them

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