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Our Lady's Prophesies

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Our Lady's Prophesies:  God's Messages for Our Time

When Servant of God Mother Mariana de Jesus Torres received her famous apparitions — the Quito apparitions — from Our Lady, she was so appalled that she died. A doctor confirmed her shocking death. But thankfully, when her sisters prayed, she was raised to life again.

Here James Valois masterfully recounts the stunning prophecies of Our Lady of Good Success of the Purification, which, though they occurred four hundred years ago in the capital city of Ecuador, concern the current crisis in the Church and the world. Approved by Bishop Salvador Ribera Avalos in 1611 and by every bishop in Ecuador since that time, these apparitions are for our era.

The relevance of many of these prophecies to today’s events, spoken, as they were, about what would begin in the twentieth century and spill over into the twenty-first, is remarkable. Their gripping messages foretell the radical changes in customs and the disturbing state of our modern world that we are facing. 

Our Blessed Mother’s enlightening words to Mother Mariana de Jesus — a humble nun renowned for her holiness — bear similarities to the prophecies of Our Lady of Fatima. Although some of the portents are alarming, the promises of hope shine through the darkness of our current crisis. 

Our Lady’s revelatory words pierce to the heart of our present state of affairs: the attacks on the Church from without and within, targeting the sacraments, the priesthood, and the family. You will be enthralled by:

  • A heart-pounding apparition of Our Lady and the Infant Jesus, amid a storm at sea
  • The reasons why three swords of punishment would be unleashed in the twentieth century
  • Five mysterious meanings of “the apparition of the extinguishing of the sanctuary lamp”
  • Revelations of God the Father’s love and encouragement for His children
  • The “ineffable joy” of the Blessed Mother’s care and intercession
  • Details of the Great Crisis and profanations foretold — some fulfilled and others yet to occur

At such a dark hour, it may appear that all is lost and Christian civilization has ended forever — but this is not the case. Mother Mariana de Jesus offered her life as a victim soul; the miracles and mystical graces won through her heroic life, and the spiritual phenomena she experienced, continue to result in marvelous transformations of holiness today. Above all, Mother Mary’s messages are a call for conversion and renewal and for defenders of the Faith to arise in the face of cultural opposition, join the spiritual battle, and help secure the ultimate triumph, which is the salvation of the world.

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