Evidence of Satan in the Modern World

Evidence of Satan in the Modern World

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Terrible noises, screeching voices, objects moving inexplicably, and the sense of a presence lurking, though there is no one to be seen. 

Modern man tends to fall into two traps when considering Satan: many either ignore his existence or become enthralled with demonology. This classic book, heralded as one of the best ever written on demonic possession, offers chilling accounts of possessions, both dated and recent, and exorcisms that are strikingly similar, whether conducted in France, Italy, Vietnam, or elsewhere. 

You will discover the signs of possession and how they differ from those of obsession and psychological illnesses. You will also learn the variety of evil spirits and how our minds are maliciously influenced through the media, eroticism, and “art.”     

In these fascinating pages, you will also learn:

  • How a young mother nearly died due to possession — and the remedy that cured her
  • How dabbling in the occult, sorcery, spells, “healers,” and spiritualism could lead to possession
  • The ways in which collective possession manifests itself (e.g., in atrocities under Nazism and communism)
  • Techniques for arming yourself against the wiles of the devil and his manifold devices
  • Why the Mother of God is one of our most powerful weapons against the Prince of Darkness

You will read about the gripping case of a young boy who, once freed from evil, was cured of deafness — and how his brother was delivered from possession through the intercession of the Immaculate Conception. 

You will learn how the evil one attacked St. John Vianney — a master in prayer and one of the holiest confessors in Church history — with temptations and demonic infestations. Many witnessed his presbytery shake and heard horrifying sounds, especially when he would hear the confession of a great sinner the following day. 

In this book, Msgr. Cristiani also describes diabolical attacks that occurred during Our Lady’s apparitions to St. Bernadette at Lourdes. Many at the grotto claimed to see visions that were, in fact, demonic manifestations intended to sow confusion to discredit the authentic appearance of Our Lady to St. Bernadette.  

Amid our current crisis of truth, the father of lies is at work promoting various forms of atheism, which all lead to death. But Christ came to defeat the devil, wielding a crushing authority over evil spirits that is employed by His exorcists to this day.

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