You Shall Stand Firm

You Shall Stand Firm

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Nihilistic attacks. Iconoclasm. Catholic apostasy. Fractured families. School shootings. Epidemic drug abuse. Pornography. Infanticide. Gender dysfunction. Rampant suicide. 

We have become bewildered and overwhelmed by the appalling state of affairs in our culture, with many of us choosing to turn away from the evil and withdraw to our own safe enclaves. But for how much longer will even our neighborhoods and homes remain safe. 

This riveting book is a clarion call to Catholics to “wake up” in the face of pandemic irrationality and worsening medical fascism. Now is the time for you to begin truly to understand and live the Faith, to speak the truth, and to share it. 

Regardless of your vocation in life, you need this book to help you grow in holiness and sanctify the world. Through engaging real-life stories, relevant reflections, and inspiring quotes, you will be motivated to answer the call of St. John Paul II to be “co-responsible for the Church,” while learning about the indispensable and distinct roles of laity and priests in the Church.

In this watershed book, you will find four fundamental facts of our existence and four ways to experience God’s healing, peace, and mercy. Challenging and enlightening, it exposes the horrors of Communism — the ideology that is visibly engulfing the West — and reveals what should be done about its proponents, including pro-abortion Catholic politicians. Shockingly, Fr. Bill Casey also reveals the truth about Critical Race Theory and its dark objective: to sabotage America’s foundation. 

Best of all, Fr. Casey offers genuine solutions to the Church’s moral crises and vocations shortage. Moreover, he provides authentic answers to tough questions on marriage and sexuality, based on Church teachings. You will also learn why spiritual reading, sacrifice, Eucharistic Adoration, the Rosary, and the Divine Mercy chaplet are all essential in these times. Let Fr. Casey guide you in:

  • Cultivating a life of daily mental prayer, regardless of the duties of your state in life
  • Equipping yourself for spiritual battle and perseverance in the quest for souls
  • Developing the heroic virtue needed to stand tall and become a saint in our pagan culture 
  • Receiving and sharing the message of Divine Mercy — while there is still time

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