The Story of a Soul:  A New Translation

The Story of a Soul: A New Translation

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 St. Thérèse's autobiography was first published soon after her death in 1897 at the age of twenty-four. Combining charming descriptions of family and community life with a sense of humor and intense devotion to God, it was an instant bestseller. But earlier editions often excluded passages, and refined her use of the French dialect often spoken by peasants. This remarkable new translation includes every word of the original text, retaining the complete charm of the original. The result is a complete and unabridged work, longer than most other editions available today. Millions of hearts have been touched by St. Thérèse of Lisieux's desire, not to be mighty and great, but to be a humble, little flower that would gladden God's eyes as He glances down at His feet. Now, yours will be, too.

Robert Edmonson also took the time to translate the poem "Divine Prisoner" which is referred to in Story of a Soul as Thérèse's favorite poem, and as the inspiration behind her name "Little Flower." 

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