The Magdalena Prayer Book

The Magdalena Prayer Book

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“Be converted and do penance for all your iniquities, and iniquity shall not be your ruin,” wrote the Holy Spirit by the mouth of the prophet Ezekiel. The Magdalena Prayer Book provides you with ways to practice conversion through perfect contrition — in the footsteps of St. Mary Magdalene, “Queen of Penitents” — and to unite yourself spiritually to our Lord in the Holy Eucharist as often as possible throughout the day to help you in your struggle against sin.

In this powerful devotional, you will uncover the theology and devotions that encompass the essentials of perfect contrition and spiritual communion. You will thus discover:

  • The difference between perfect and imperfect contrition 
  • What to do when sacramental Confession isn’t available 
  • The conditions for perfect contrition, according to the Church
  • Why the habit of frequently examining your conscience is fruitful 
  • How God longs to shower you with His mercy for your salvation

Scriptural quotes on repentance and restoration are included and arranged by topic to help you develop a hatred for sin and the desire to confess and atone for your sins. Traditional prayers from the liturgy and the saints are also included to help you prayerfully cultivate the conditions for perfect contrition. Other features include a helpful examination of conscience, acts of spiritual communion, meditations on God’s mercy, and guidance on making a good thanksgiving after Holy Communion.

As you learn how to embrace the model of St. Mary Magdalene, The Magdalena Prayer Book will help you reach deep into your heart and develop a genuine sorrow for past and present sins. This vital resource presents a holistic approach to contrition and spiritual communion. It offers insights that complement the journey of a repentant sinner, providing solace and guidance in the absence of, or as a supplement for, sacramental Confession and Communion. 

These timeless devotions will benefit the repentant soul at every step along the spiritual journey — from nurturing a profound love for God and a firm purpose of amendment to seeking unwavering confidence in the Divine Mercy of God.

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