St. Brigid of Ireland Rag Doll

St. Brigid of Ireland Rag Doll

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Meet St. Brigid of Ireland (February 1st)
Patron of: babies, midwives, nuns, poets, travelers, scholars, Ireland

St. Brigid of Ireland was a 5th century nun known for her miracles and love of the poor. St. Brigid was born a slave, but because of her notable holiness was freed. She went on to found the famous monastery of Kildare, and was friends with the famous St. Patrick (who baptized her mother before she was born!).

Teach your children about miracles! Encourage children to think about miracles. The lives of the Saints are full of miracles- can miracles still happen today? Do miracles always have to be dramatic? Why do miracles sometimes happen, and sometimes not? St. Brigid of Ireland is also a great Saint to talk about how God works through people from all walks of life.

  • She is clothed in a green dress with yellow belt, has beautiful orange hair, and wears a removable green hooded cape. Each doll is hand-sewn and finished with lovely embroidery. St. Brigid is holding the St. Brigid's cross.
  • Doll is 12” tall. Cotton and satin trim, all new polyester fill.

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