Saint Who Fought The Dragon

Saint Who Fought The Dragon

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Holiness is an adventure!

In this timeless story of Saint George, kids discover what happens when a loyal soldier fights a dragon—and wins! Dramatic, fantasy style illustrations capture his adventures. This story provides a unique way to teach children ages 5–8 about Christian history while inspiring them to follow in the heroic footsteps of a courageous saint who stands up for all that is good and true. For a child that already enjoys fantasy tales and legends, this book is a perfect introduction to Saint George.

“Many accounts have been written about the life of Saint George, some so fantastic as to be virtually unbelievable. In her adventurous account of The Saint Who Fought the Dragon, Cornelia Bilinsky presents an imaginary but credible account that focuses on the steadfast courage of Saint George and his unwavering allegiance to his Lord, Jesus Christ.” —Liguorian

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