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A Catholic Parent's Tool Box: Raising Healthy Families in the 21st Century

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Some parts of the job are obvious. Don't run with scissors. Brush your teeth. Be kind to animals.

But some parts of parenting are not so cut and dry.

How do I set healthy limits and risk not being liked? How do I turn off technology - theirs and mine? How do I say "no" when everyone else is saying "yes"? How do I raise them Catholic and keep them Catholic? How do I manage our crazy schedules? How do I get to work on my family?

Dr. Joseph White, practicing clinical psychologist and noted author, just handed you the toolbox.

With almost 20 years of experience counseling children and families, Dr. White knows how to break down the tough topics into bite size pieces for families. Practical advice, actionable tips, and comforting stories combine to give parents exactly the tools they need to learn:

  • How to fearlessly form your kids in the faith
  • How to simplify the family schedule and keep your sanity
  • How to discipline your kids (and not feel guilty)
  • How to raise thankful children
  • How to make your kids gracious winners
  • How to be a married couple and parents at the same time (and why it matters)


All parents face challenges, but Catholic parents have a unique opportunity - the ability to weather any storm with the grace that comes from their Catholic faith. And a bit of help from A Catholic Parent's Toolbox.

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