Noah's Ark Operation Game

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Inspired by the classic game of Operation® This game is Noah’s Ark Themed.
Help Noah rescue the animals before the flood!
Start the game by placing each animal in the matching space on the gameboard.
If playing with more than one player, each player will take turns using the tweezers to try and remove the animals from their space without touching the sides. If the sides are touched and the light goes off, your turn is over! After each animal is removed from it’s space and rescued by placing it on the ark, you must place a feed token in it’s place.
The Game is over once all the animals have been rescued, and the player who rescued the most wins!
Whether playing solo or with friends and family, the game of Noah’s Ark Operation is great fun for kids.

  • Operation® Inspired Game
  • Includes Everything Needed To Play
  • 1 or More Players
  • Ages 4+

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