My Picture Prayer Book

My Picture Prayer Book

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My Picture Prayer Book from Catholic Book Publishing is a remarkable, distinctive, and very colorful prayer book for children that provides short prayers for all occasions. Printed in large type, this book is magnificently illustrated with a full-color picture on every page. An ideal gift for a First Communion, a birthday, Christmas, or other special occasion, My Picture Prayer Book will be cherished by every child for many years.

Among the features of My Picture Prayer Book are:

  • a presentation page that allows for easy personalization of this book when used as a gift
  • vibrant full-color illustrations
  • durably sewn hardcover binding
My Picture Prayer Book includes the following great prayers:
  • Sign of the Cross
  • Our Father
  • Hail Mary
  • Glory Be
  • Act of Faith, Hope, and Love
  • Act of Contrition
  • My Morning Prayer
  • God, the Creator
  • Lord, Take All That I Am
  • My God, You Are My Hope
  • My Night Prayer
  • A Prayer for Our Family
  • For My Mother and Father
  • Thank You, God, for Fruit
  • Thank You, God, for Flowers
  • Thank You, God, for Animals
  • Lord, Thanks for My Pets
  • God, Thank You for Your Care
  • Lord, How Beautiful You Are!
  • God, I Think of Your Love
  • God, Thank You for the Sun
  • Thank You, God, for Fire
  • God, Thank You for Water
  • Father, Thank You for the Seasons
  • Thank You, Father, for Letting Me Love You
  • Father, Thank You for My Food
  • Thank You, Lord, for Fruit
  • Thank You, Lord, for Rest
  • Thank You, God, for My Home
  • Lord, Help the Homeless
  • Lord, Be My Teacher
  • Jesus, Bless My Teachers
  • Thank You, Lord, for Toys and Playmates
  • Lord, Thanks for Television
  • God Thank You for Your Presents
  • Lord, Thank You for My Friends
  • Father, Thank You for Joy
  • God, Bless My Grandparents
  • Jesus, You Died on the Cross for Me
  • Father, Forgive Me
  • Father, Thank You for Peace
  • Jesus, Thanks for Christmas
  • Little Infant, I Love You
  • Lord, Make My Life a Song of Praise
  • Father, Bless Our Family
  • Father, Make Me Like Jesus
  • Father, Teach Me How to Pray
  • Thank You, Lord, for the Gift of Life
  • Thank You, Lord, for the Eucharist
  • Lord, I Offer You My Life
  • God, Thank You for Your Love
  • I Love You, Holy Trinity
  • My Dear Mother, Mary
  • I Praise You, God
  • Lord, My True Home Is Heaven
  • Jesus, Walk with Me

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