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Brother Lorenzo's Pretzels

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 Brother Lorenzo's Pretzels:  Prayer and the Holy Trinity

Brother Lorenzo's Pretzels: Prayer and the Holy Trinity

Explaining the concept of the Holy Trinity to children can be difficult! In this story, a humble monk finds a simple way to do it: he bakes a pretzel that interweaves three parts into one whole. The story is both fun to read and theologically sound.

Now Cornelia Bilinsky, author of Patrick and the Fire, The Queen and the Cross, and The Saint who Fought the Dragon: The Story of St. George brings a new story to children ages four to seven: the story of Brother Lorenzo and how he happened upon a simple teaching tool in his monastery kitchen.

This beautifully illustrated book will help pass on an important aspect of faith to children through an entertaining story that offers readers likeable and relatable characters. In addition, Brother Lorenzo's Pretzels includes a prayer to the Trinity and even offers a recipe for making similar soft pretzels!


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