Book Signing with Dawn Beutner

Join us on Wednesday, October 27 from 4:00-6:30 p.m. as Mrs. Beutner discusses her book "Saints: Becoming an Image of Christ Every Day of the Year."

Copies of the book will be available for purchase. Please stop by to have one personally autographed by this special local author!  Buy the book.

About the book: Since Jesus told us to be perfect, and Vatican Council II emphasized a universal call to holiness for all Christians, how do we learn to do that? One great way is to learn from and pray with the saints of the Catholic Church. We can follow in the footsteps of the ordinary Catholic men and women who fought the good fight to be holy until the end of their lives – and won that fight. The saints have been the inspiration of faithful Catholics for hundreds of years because they show us what it looks like to follow Jesus Christ despite countless challenges and obstacles. This unique book contains short biographies of multiple saints for every day of the year, including an intercessory prayer to each saint. This helps the reader to learn about, and pray with, the numerous saints of the Church, “the communion of saints” whose personalities and challenges often resonate with our own. This collection also provides wonderful resource information to learn more about individual saints, inspiring quotes from saints, and detailed explanations of Catholic terms that often befuddle us. The saints in this collection come from every period in history, countries, age ranges, and vocations. They show us that holiness truly is a path open to all who seek to follow Jesus Christ. By reading about the lives of the saints each day, we can learn how to apply their life lessons to our own daily challenges. By praying daily for their help, we can ask for their spiritual help and wisdom – and point ourselves toward Heaven, where we hope to spend eternity with God.

“In Scripture, we are told that we are surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses, a heavenly host of saints. Beutner's Saints will introduce you to many of these heavenly helpers on a daily basis. You'll learn amazing facts about their lives, but more than this, you will come away changed.”
– Sam Guzman, Author, The Catholic Gentleman
“This is a much needed resource! Beyond the many feast days of well-known saints, there are countless little-known and harder-to-find saints.”
– Sheila Liaugminas, Relevant Radio Host; Author, Non-Negotiable: Essential Principles of a Just Society and Humane Culture
“I love the saints and their feast days, and I have been waiting my whole adult life for a book exactly like this! It's got saints from every era. It's got saints from every level of society and corner of the world. There is a focus on historical fact, but not a neglect of longstanding legends.”
– Kendra Tierney, Author, The Catholic All Year Compendium
“The virtues do not exist in the abstract. We really know them only when we see them lived out by real people. This is why we refer to the saints as the ‘living Gospel’. Dawn Beutner has done a great service in bringing together their short biographies for every day of the year.”
– Fr. Paul Scalia, Author, That Nothing May Be Lost
“Encyclopedic in scope yet accessible in style, this book belongs in the library of every person of faith. Beutner's work is an inspirational prayer tool that reminds us that we study and emulate the saints to draw ever closer to God.”
– Lisa Hendey, Author, A Book of Saints for Catholic Moms
“There is so much packed into these pages! A thorough collection that will help you grow in holiness, one day at time.”
– Danielle Bean, Brand Manager of; Author, You Are Enough

About the Author

Dawn Marie Beutner entered the Catholic Church as a young adult and worked as an engineer before becoming a technical writer.
She, her husband, and her two children live in northern Virginia, where she leads various parish groups that promote life issues, serve the needy, and learn about the Bible and the Catholic faith.