The Crucifixion by Francesco Granacci

The Crucifixion by Francesco Granacci

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Cloister Collection Icon Plaque

This icon plaque, The Crucifixion by Francesco Granacci, comes from the Cloister Collection, Nelson Gift Wholesale's exclusive line of wood slab icons.

The image shows Mary and John the Evangelist at the foot of the cross with stormy skies overlooking Jerusalem. It is the middle of a wood triptych painted by Francesco Granacci in the 1500's, currently on display at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Step into the past and experience ancient beauty with Cloister Collection icons. Fashioned in Steubenville, Ohio by a dedicated team of Catholic woodworkers and graphic restoration artists, these large, weighty icons have a medieval, weathered look produced through a complex process of machining and digital printing.  Feed your soul and others' with these rich depictions from the history of the Catholic Church.

The Image size is 8" x 12" and including the plaque it is 9" wide by 13" tall with an round top, 1-1/2" deep and is 1.66lbs.

The icon is heavy and feels rich with authenticity and character; it can propped up, laid on an altar, or wall-hung from the sturdy d-ring on back.


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