Serenity Prayer Knots Pocket Rosary Burgundy

Serenity Prayer Knots Pocket Rosary Burgundy

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The rosary is the most common Catholic devotion, but sometimes praying 5 full decades in one sitting can seem daunting.
This single-decade pocket rosary was created to help those who have a perfectionist nature continue connecting with God through the rosary on a more frequent basis. It allows them to pray the rosary in shorter sittings - one decade at a time - so they feel accomplished and keep their connection with God strong.

This specific pocket rosary was handcrafted and made of smooth rope, knotted into 10 Hail Mary knots and 1 larger Our Father center knot. The knots are attached to a simple silver-tone cross with the Serenity Prayer engraved on it. A small Miraculous Medal is attached to complete the rosary. The rosary is durable and pliable enough to be carried in a jeans front pocket or in a wallet or handbag.

The Serenity Prayer
"God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference."

- Handcrafted One Decade Knotted Rosary
- Durable, rot-resistant cord* and made in USA
- Silver-tone metal cross etched with Serenity Prayer on front and a crosshatch texture on the back
- Miraculous Medal charm**, silver oxidized and made in Italy
- Thick & Sturdy polished metal jump ring
** If you prefer NOT to have the Miraculous Medal charm, please include a note to remove and we will be happy to make that change for you. **

* This nylon cord is soft and was 100% manufactured in the USA. It is mold, mildew, and rot resistant and the color is fade resistant.  Making it easy to keep clean.

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