Prepare Your Heart Beeswax Candle

Prepare Your Heart Beeswax Candle

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Vanilla, Oak, Sandalwood, Amber

This warm, sumptuous scent makes a perfect accompaniment to any season of preparation: New school year, Advent, Lent, RCIA, or other season of beginning. Vanilla has been proven to calm and increase mental acuity and concentration. Vanilla is the fruit of orchids, and for centuries it was coveted around the world yet grown exclusively in Mexico. Spice merchants’ arduous journey to obtain this highly-prized scent can remind us that wisdom and virtue must be striven and struggled for. Base notes of oak are reminiscent of the strongest of all trees that sends its roots deep into the earth to withstand the elements. We root ourselves in the Lord’s word and the liturgical calendar to glean strength as we journey. The rich purple of the jar symbolizes the dichotomy of our both royal priesthood and our continual repentance.

Para Cor Tuum is hand-crafted with pure natural beeswax and phthalate-free fragrance. It features a premium crackling wooden wick. Not only do beeswax candles burn longer and brighter than any other wax, but they also purify the air as they burn, releasing negative ions that neutralize toxins, dust, mold, odor and pollen. Burn time for each 8 oz candle is 40+ hours.

Ideal for:

  •   Focus and concentration for the new school year for students and intentional family prayer
  •   Gift for those entering RCIA
  •   Autumn housewarming to create a cozy atmosphere
  •   A reminder of repentance and renewal during Lent or Advent

Handmade by Stacey Sumereau


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