Paschal Lamb Alpha & Omega Cross - The Paschal Lamb

Paschal Lamb Alpha & Omega Cross

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  • Solid Bronze Cross
  • 3.75 inches
  • 28 Inch Bronze Chain Sold Separately (15151)
  • Made in Germany
  • Gift Box Included

Product Description

The Alpha and Omega Cross is rich with the deep symbolism of our faith, making it an excellent ordination gift or graduation gift for someone who is learning about the history of Christianity. The spiritual and symbolic depth of this cross is matched in the strong, heirloom-quality material it is made of. Made using old-world methods from the finest bronze, the Alpha and Omega Cross also features an eyelet that allows for easy mounting. At 3.75 inches in length, it is compact enough to fit in well wherever you take it. Whether it is given as a gift or kept as a treasure for yourself, the Alpha and Omega Cross will serve as a starting point to countless hours of contemplation and prayer.

An Ordination Gift Rich with Symbolism

This cross is special because of all the symbolism present.  Nearing the center of the cross, humanity enters eternity where one partakes in the life of Christ, the Paschal Lamb, the Alpha and Omega of our lives and of all creation. We are guided by the spirit and nurtured by Holy Communion. From our beginning to our end, this is the truth to which we consecrate our lives.

Christian Symbols of Faith

The Alpha and Omega cross is a popular and favorite religious gift for those needing a Baptism gift, First Communion gift or Confirmation gift.  This cross is also meaningful for other occasions because of the richness of the religious symbolism represented. It truly engages us and reminds us of Christ’s journey among us.

This solid bronze cross has a hole at the top which can be fastened with a cord or chain to be worn or it can be hung directly on a wall with a nail.  It measures 3.75 inches x 2.75 inches.  Made of noble material, the quality craftsmanship, distinctive design and meaningful symbolism all contribute to the high quality of this religious gift.  This aesthetically appealing and tasteful cross is made with “old world” methods in Germany.

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