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St. Timothy was born in  Lystra, Lycaonia in Asia Minor of a Greek father and a Jewish mother.  St. Paul chose him because of his ardent faith as a traveling companion in his apostolic journeys as a helper, and then circumcised him so that he would be more acceptable to the Jewish Christians in Jerusalem.  St. Timothy traveled with St. Paul and preached with him in Acaia, Macedonia, Italy, and Spain.  St. Paul also wrote two of his Epistles addressed to St. Timothy, exhorting him to be strong and a leader, even though he was still a younger man.

Before St. Paul was martyred in Rome in about a.d. 64, he consecrated St. Timothy as a bishop for Ephesus.  After St. Paul died, St. Timothy sought direction and advice from St. John the Theologian, who was living in Ephesus.  When St. John was exiled to Patmos by the Roman Emperor Domitian (who ruled from a.d. 81 to 96), St. Timothy remained and served the Faithful in Ephesus.  At the pagan festival of Katagogium in about the year a.d. 97, St. Timothy stopped the festival and preached the Gospel, angering the pagans, so they beat him and then stoned him to death.

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