Nativity of Christ with Prophets (XIVc) Icon Set

Nativity of Christ with Prophets (XIVc) Icon Set

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This absolutely stunning 14th century icon set features three beautiful icons, specially edged in black for a striking visual effect.

Painted in Siena, Tuscany by Duccio di Buoninsegna about the turn of the 14th century, it carries on the strong shared iconographic tradition of the East and West, before the traditions began to diverge. The people of Siena in particular maintained the Byzantine style iconography long after the surrounding areas had turned to more naturalistic approaches.

Christ and the Theotokos are the clear focus of the icon. The elder St. Joseph sits outside the stable, and a host of angels look on with awe, seeing God Incarnate. At the bottom, the midwives bathe the Infant, and the shepherds approach.

Two companion icons, which were part of the original altarpiece, depict the Prophets Isaiah and Ezekiel with their words of prophecy about the coming Messiah.

This special set makes for an incredible centerpiece for any place of prayer, both during the Christmas season and throughout the year, as the Lord's Incarnation bears remembrance at all times. The Incarnation makes the rest of the Lord's mission possible and is a cornerstone of our salvation. These icons carry a lifetime guarantee against fading that so many other icon reproductions suffer from. The museum-quality process ensures that these icons will become special heirlooms that carry your legacy and heritage of faith forward into the future for generations to come.

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