My First Communion Journal

My First Communion Journal

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This beautiful First Communion journal is full of fun ways for Catholic kids to prepare for, remember, and live out their First Holy Communion. With its colorful design, prayers, devotions, special activities, and quotes from the saints and Scriptures, the My First Communion Journal can be used both before and after the child's First Communion day.

Key features include:

    - Pages for kids to record memories of their First Communion, and for friends and family to write special messages to the communicant. - Activity pages that invite kids to explore the Eucharist in terms of gift and gratitude, service and sacrifice. - Space for kids to write memories of their First Confession, plus a way to keep track of the times they receive the sacrament of Reconciliation. - Profiles of four child saints and blesseds, focusing on each one's unique First Communion experience plus pages for kids to imitate the child saint's spiritual practices. - Quotes and wisdom from the Bible, the saints, the popes, and the Catechism of the Catholic Church.


    The My First Communion Journal is a fun way to supplement any sacrament preparation program, or to offer children and their parents a period of mystagogy following initiation into the sacrament.

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