Morning Star Swaddle Blanket

Morning Star Swaddle Blanket

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Our Lady the Morning Star.

Saint John Henry Newman writes, it is “Mary’s prerogative to be the Morning Star, which heralds in the sun. She does not shine for herself, or from herself, but she is the reflection of her and our Redeemer, and she glorifies Him.”

Holy Mary, Morning Star, you always lead us to your Son, the Father and the Holy Spirit. Be always close to us, guiding us to the Blessed Trinity.

Mary is the “Stella Matutina,” the Morning Star—after the Dark Night, but always Heralding the Sun

Only the finest for your little one! Wrap them in this super-soft, jersey poly blanket for a cozy rest.

Size: 30″ X 40″
Material: 100% Jersey Polyester
Base Color: White
Care: Machine Wash Cold, Tumble Dry

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