Life of Christ Cross - The Paschal Lamb

Life of Christ Cross

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    • Solid Bronze Wall Cross
    • 10.2 x 7.2 inches
    • Hangs easily on the wall
    • Made in Germany


    The Life of Christ Cross features a truly stunning level of intricate craftsmanship. It is a tribute to the art of bronze-working and features incredibly detailed and affecting depictions of six of the central events in the life of Christ. At about 10 inches from head to toe, this cross will become a much-beloved centerpiece of your home, whether in your living room or home chapel. It also makes for a wonderful addition to Christian schools or chapels.

    Enter into the Life of Christ with this Bronze Cross

    In many ways, the philosophy of this piece resembles that of Orthodox icons: the idea is that by entering into these depictions, we are truly opening a window onto the contemplation of Jesus’ life. This cross itself is a prayer, allowing us to enter into an active meditation on the key events of Jesus’ life. The following events are depicted on this cross:  the Anunciation; the Nativity; the Flight to Egypt; the Last Supper, the Crucifixion, and the Resurrection. To see the cross in more detail, mouse over the main picture. This cross is one of the most unique and beautiful pieces in our entire collection; we are proud to offer it, and know that whether it is as a gift or an addition to your own home, you and your loved ones will cherish this cross for a lifetime (and then it can live on in your family for many more lifetimes).

    This beautiful wall cross helps us enter into the central events in the life of Christ:

    the Annunciation
    the Nativity
    the Flight to Egypt
    the Last Supper
    the Crucifixion
    the Resurrection

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