Entertaining Angels Dvd

Entertaining Angels Dvd

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Dorothy Day is no saint. She lives hard, makes mistakes, endures the consequences. But the unquenchable fire burning within her cannot be contained. Dorothy wants to make a difference. During the Depression, she vows to house the homeless, feed the hungry, tend the sick. Easily said. Not easily done when her total finances amount to 97 cents in a battered canister. Yet Dorothy persists, walking on frequently stormy waters of faith.

Popular stars and important themes combine in this compelling true story of the "American Mother Teresa," filmed by Paulist Pictures (Romero) from a script by ER writer and executive producer John Wells. Moira Kelly plays Day, the impassioned New York journalist who launched the activist newspaper "Catholic Worker" and put the words she wrote into controversial action. Martin Sheen, Melinda Dillon and Brian Keith join Kelly in this moving saga of a faith not just believed, but lived.

RATED PG-13 for a range of thematic elements, some sexuality and brief language.

Languages: English and Spanish tracks available
Subtitles- English
Viewing Format: Full-screen
Sound: Stereo, Dolby Surround
Bonus Material:
-Movie trailer, actor commentaries and biographies
-Study guide available in pdf format on the DVD or from our website
Chapter titles provided for easy scene access

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