Good Shepherd Icon - The Paschal Lamb

Good Shepherd Icon

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The Lord is shown here as the Good Shepherd, and He carries on His shoulders the Lost Sheep symbolizing all of us who have strayed from the perfect path of righteousness in thought, word, and deed.  Christ is not a passive God, indifferent to our alienation, suffering, and pain, but a most interactive God Who will never rest until everything possible is done to bring us the blessedness of Heaven, but still honoring our own necessary but free choice to cooperate in our little will with His big Will to save us.  

 God, having given us His Image and Likeness in our creation and the stamp of His freedom in that Image, gives each of us a most important choice.  Although He will do all the difficult things to make us be remade into the Heavenly Man, our synergy (Greek for cooperation) is an absolutely necessary ingredient for our salvation.   God will not save us against our own will.   Icon measures 6" x 7.5"

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