Exotic Wood Beaded Rosary Bracelet

Exotic Wood Beaded Rosary Bracelet

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If you love to walk or run and like to use the time to connect with God, then this is the rosary for you!

Created to be simple, sturdy, water & sweat-proof, the polished wood beads will age gracefully and will continue to be beautiful as you count your prayers throughout the years. And count your prayers is exactly how this rosary bracelet was designed! As you say each Hail Mary, you move each bead abacus-style, to help you know where you are in the decade. And this updated version of the Runner’s Rosary also includes an 11th Our Father bead!

This bracelet is perfect for either men or women. The beads and cross are large enough to not be dwarfed by a larger wrist and hand, but not so large to overwhelm someone with a smaller one.

Select your choice from these 3 types of polished wood* beads:

  • Tiger Ebony (deep, dark brown, almost black)
  • Bayong (carmel, lighter brown)
  • Graywood (gray)

*Each of these wood beads comes from different Philippine trees. Since they are natural, with a polished finish, the wood color and grains on each bead are unique, making no two runner’s rosary bracelets alike!


  • Cross: Antiqued silver, simple design, sturdy enough to wear daily, curved style to form to hand
  • Cord: Black nylon cord
  • Bead options: 12mm round polished wood in either Tiger Ebony (black brown) or Graywood (gray)
  • Rosary diameter (largest): 5 inches
  • Rosary diameter (smallest): 3.75 inches
  • Cross measurements: 1.75 inches x 0.75 inches x 0.125 inch

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