Our Lady of Perpetual Help Icon Rosary Box
Our Lady of Perpetual Help Icon Rosary Box

Our Lady of Perpetual Help Icon Rosary Box

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Virgin of Perpetual Help, Incessant Help - Keepsake Jewelry Rosary Russian Icon Box Virgin

Size: 3 3/4"x2 1/2

The “Virgin of Incessant Help” - "Perpetual Help" - is perhaps the best-known icon in the world, as it is widely known in Orthodox, Catholic, and other traditional churches. This icon of our Lady has different names for different groups of Christians. Known as the “Virgin of Incessant Help” to the Greek Orthodox; the “Virgin of Passion” to the Russian Orthodox and as “Our Lady of Perpetual Help” to Catholics and “Scoorro” to Spanish speaking Catholics.

Style of Icon - “hodegetria” (Greek for “pointing the way”)

Pictured with the Virgin and Child are the Archangel Michael bearing the

“lance and gall-sop” and Archangel Gabriel bearing the Cross –

Instruments of Passion. The Christ Child gazes on the Cross.

The Virgin’s eyes are large as traditional in Byzantine iconography symbolizing

her concern for our trails and tribulations

Foot with falling Sandal – reflects the duel nature of Christ – the tight sandal reflects.

His human nature and while the falling sandal His divine nature reaching to earth.


The icon is a “hodegetria” (Greek for “pointing the way”) type icon originally attributed to St Luke the Evangelist. The icon is often referred to as “Passions” because in the icon the Christ Child questioning looks at one of the angels on either side of the Virgin Mary holding the instruments of “Passion:” the Cross, Lance, and Sponge.

The original icon was venerated for centuries in Constantinople and it is uncertain if it was destroyed or stolen at the fall of Constantinople to the Turks.

The icon was highly venerated in the East and in 1641 was received in a solemn procession to Moscow to the Church and Convent of St Anne (the Mother of the Virgin Mary). The icon showed its miraculous powers to many in Russia.

The sacred image came to Rome via a merchant from Crete in the late 15th Century whose ship besieged in a severe storm was saved when the icon was raised and the crew prayed for “help.” The Virgin asked that her icon be venerated in a church in Rome but it became a private icon for her devotion. The Virgin appeared three times to the man asking that the icon be hung over the altar of the St Mathew the Apostle where it remained for over 300 years – until Napoleon captured Rome and the icon was secretly hidden. The icon later was taken to the Redemptorist church at the Monastery of St Alphonsus where Pope Pius IX solemnly “crowned” her as the source of help in times of need.

Throughout all of the centuries, she remains our source of Eternal Hope!

Icon and wood box made in Russia.


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