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Apostle Marcos Icon

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Apostle Marcos, or Apostle Mark, was a disciple of Christ, referred to by Saint Paul as his son. Marcos travelled alongside Saints Paul and Barnabas on missionary trips, in order to evangelize others into Christianity. His missionary travels took him to Antioch, Salamis, Cyprus, and Seleucia before returning to his home of Jerusalem. He is further known as the Apostle and Evangelist Mark and is credited with writing the Gospel of Mark. 

According to tradition, Apostle Marcos founded the Church of Alexandria in Egypt and is often referred to as the first pope. When he arrived in Alexandria, Apostle Marcos sought out a cobbler to repair his shoes, which had been destroyed throughout his travels. While the cobbler worked on his shoes, he injured himself, calling out “O one God!” This signified to Marcos that the cobbler had opened himself to God, prompting him to take clay and apply it to the cobbler’s injury, which then miraculously healed.  

During his time in Alexandria, Marcos spread the word of God, working to convert pagans to Christianity. Although he was successful in evangelizing numerous people, there were still those who were against Christianity and his work. In 68 AD, Marcos was seized by pagans and cruelly dragged through the city before being thrown into a jail cell. The following day, Marcos was taken from his cell and once again dragged around until he eventually delivered his soul to God through his martyrdom. 

This icon depicts Apostle Marcos holding a book, referencing the Gospel of Mark, which he wrote. This also signifies his Holy Knowledge and Holy Wisdom. Apostle Marcos is commemorated on April 25 by both the Eastern Orthodox Church and the Catholic Church. 


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