Goldfinch Scarf

Goldfinch Scarf

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This pashmina holds beautiful symbolism on it, drawing our minds and hearts to the beauty of the Advent and Christmas season.

The Goldfinch
The goldfinch is known for eating thistles and thorns, which in Christian imagery almost always refers to Jesus’ crown of thorns. For this reason the child Jesus is sometimes depicted in art holding a goldfinch, foreshadowing his Passion and death on the cross.

Poinsettia Flower
The star-shapped leaves were explained to represent the Star of Bethlehem and the red color was connected to the blood of Jesus’ sacrifice. Franciscan friars in Mexico began using the poinsettias in Nativity processions and over time the plant was introduced into the United States. Since then it has become a staple of Christmas decorations both in churches and homes.

The Rose
The Glastonbury Rose is a symbol for both Mary and the Infant Jesus. The flower is described as a Christmas rose. This rose is both very beautiful, yet it has the sharpest thorns which invokes the thought of Jesus’ crown of thorns. There is a legend that Joseph of Arimathea came to Britain and found the first church at Glastonbury, planting his staff where a thorn bush grew with spectacular roses that flowered at Christmas. The roses there are of a Palestinian variety. From this story we can see why the Glastonbury Rose symbolizes the Holy Family.

Our lightweight, super soft pashmina is semi-sheer and finished with a raw edge; it perfectly complements a seasonal look. The pashmina is versatile as a big scarf and can work as a shawl.

Size: 73.5″ X 27″
Material: 100% Polyester
Care: Machine Wash Cold, Tumble Dry

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