My Life with the Jedi

My Life with the Jedi

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My Life with the Jedi:  The Spirituality of Star Wars

​In a galaxy very near and brimming with possibility…

In My Life with the Jedi, award-winning author Eric A. Clayton intertwines lessons learned from the Star Wars universe with profound spiritual truths, inviting readers on a journey that touches on the epic and the everyday. Dive into an interior galaxy where the mysteries of the Force meet the depths of Ignatian spirituality. Discover how hope—that ever-present virtue of Jedi and Rebels alike—leads to profound decision-making, renewed relationships, and a purpose-driven life.

Ideal for ardent Star Wars aficionados seeking deeper connections, spiritual pilgrims on a quest for enlightenment, and Christians craving a fresh perspective, My Life with the Jedi promises to be a beacon of wisdom in galaxies both near and far, far away. 

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