Gregorian Chant: Easter with Solesmes 2-CD Set

Gregorian Chant: Easter with Solesmes 2-CD Set

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SINCE 1833, the research and study of Gregorian Chant by the Monks of the Abbey of St. Peter in Solesmes, France, has focused on making this sung form of prayer the finest possible offering for God, to whom it is addressed six times a day at the Abbey.
These recordings include Introits, Graduals, Alleluias, Sequences, Offertories, Communions, and Hymns from Easter Mass, and the Mass for the First Sunday after Easter as well a Hymn from the Masses of Eastertide and the seven Antiphons of the Resurrection according to the Gospels.

"Paraclete Press offers a superb list of outstanding Christian music which is magnificently performed by the monks of Solesmes. Each of these highly recommended exceptional recordings is flawlessly produced and showcases centuries of devotions, chants, celebrations, and the glorification of God."—Reviewer's Bookwatch

This set contains 2 CDs: Easter and Eastertide

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