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What the Saints Never Said

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“I believe because it is absurd.”

“God helps those who help themselves.”

“Preach the gospel always; when necessary, use words.”

Sayings like these are such a part of modern pious tradition that we assume they come from the Bible, the mouths of saints, or the pens of famous Christian writers. Even though nobody can seem to place their exact origin, by sheer repetition—in books, in homilies, and of course on the internet—they have acquired a halo of truth.

In What the Saints Never Said, Trent Horn (Why We’re Catholic) takes over forty of these well-known but dubious sayings and attempts to track them to their true source. In so doing he finds some that are close to what was really said, many that were misattributed or twisted beyond their original meaning, and more than a few that were just plain made up!

By setting the record straight, Trent does more than show you the true origins of these seemingly harmless sayings: he roots out the poison pills contained in them—theological errors and implications that can lead us away from the fullness of Christian truth. In their place he offers choice selections from the richness of authentic quotes from Scripture, saints, and scholars that will draw you closer to that truth.

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