Mother_Angelica“My life is truly filled with God. His Mercy comforts me when I fall. His Providence takes care of me when I worry. His Goodness makes me good. His Power upholds me. His Love fills me. His Wisdom is my guide. His Changelessness gives me security. His Tranquility makes me calm. His Majesty fills me with awe. His Beauty entrances me. His Joy sustains me in sorrow. His Light enlightens my path. His Omnipresence surrounds me like a cloak. His Imminence fills me through and through. His Transcendence is above me like a warm sun. His Grandeur thrills my soul. His Unity brings all things together in Him. I lose myself like an atom in the universe, when I realize that this Great God loves me.”

           – Mother Angelica

Thank you, Mother Angelica, for your words and your works.

May the souls of the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace.